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She is as passionate in the water as she is in everyday life-exuding energy, cheek and drive – her natural sun kissed skin, pins that go on forever and blonde locks – a bonus. A few minutes in conversation with the cute pro surfer and you are hooked. “I’ve loved the ocean all of my life”. My love for surfing comes from my love for the ocean, the feeling of freedom underwater and the joy of riding waves. The happiness that surfing brings is unmatchable – nothing compares to it. I look at Surfing as my passion and competing as my job.” She says. So how does such a vivacious, grounded girl end up in her shoes? “When I was about 10 years old I became absolutely obsessed with riding waves. I started competing when I was 12 and realised then that being a professional surfer would be the best job in the world! I still can’t believe it became a reality.”

READ THE FULL STORY HERE – http://olivergrand.com/laura-enever/

Photography Trevor King

Styling Charlotte Stokes

Hair Carl Reeves 

Make Up Jaclyn Hnitko

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141112_OG_LauraEvener 01342 copy.jpg
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