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Professional surfer Laura Enever , 26, was born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia. As a 2x World Junior Champion, Australian Champion and Pro Jnr Champion, Laura had an amazing junior surfing career and has gone on to compete on the WSL Women’s World Tour for 7 years, consistently finishing in the Top 10.

With results to show that she is one of the worlds best female surfers, Laura has also made a name for herself showing a fearless approach in big waves and waves of consequence, making her one of the most exciting and influential female surfers of this time. Laura has now gone on to compete on the Womens Big Wave World Tour.

Her achievements combined with her passion for travel, art and design have seen Laura venture outside the surf industry where she has worked with well world-renowned photographers, stylists, magazines and brands, All of which continue to lift Laura’s name globally.

When surfer Laura Enever burst on the scene in her teens, surf industry heads turned so fast they got whiplash—at last, a woman with the perfect blend of style, poise, talent and that legendary hair, a new poster child. It would have been easy for Laura to shelve competition to model bikinis. Instead, she became one of the most respected female athletes in surfing, winning several prestigious titles and currently ranked number 10 on the WSL Women’s World Tour competition. That’s not to say she isn’t a hot commodity—she’s appeared in campaigns for industry giants like Nike and Billabong, and her enthusiasm for design means she’s often front-row at New York Fashion Week, looking just as natural in leather shorts as she does in a wettie. So what’s next for this fierce contender with no shortage of ambition? A World Tour title? A clothing line? A new collaboration? “I just like to take life minute by minute,” she says with her signature grin. We can hardly wait

— quote stance.com